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Ayrton Karif LT


  • Package of 24
  • Dual Flight Cases
  • Great Condition




Karif is a versatile new fixture in the «LT» (Long Throw) series, adding to the Ayrton product offering for long-distance applications.


This is a machine with phenomenal powers capable of delivering stunning visual effects. An ultra-compact 300 W beam-spot luminaire equipped with a 168 mm frontal lens, KARIF offers an astronomical zoom ratio of 17:1 and a zoom range of 2.8° to 47°. To achieve an ultra-intense beam with an LED source, AYRTON uses an entirely new miniaturised high-efficiency low-etendue compact LED module. Calibrated at 8000 K, it can generate powerful metallic white light and deep, vivid colours suitable for this type of application. KARIF provides overall output of 14,000 lumens at a colour temperature of 7000 K. In this first hybrid LED luminaire, AYRTON has added continuous rotation to its panoramic movement to expand the possibilities for creating complex special effects.


Ayrton Karif LT

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