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Christie Digital Roadster HD18K


  • Comes w/ 1.4-1.8 Standard Lens
  • Flight case




With native 1920 x 1080 resolution and powerful 10-bit image processing, the Christie Roadster HD18K delivers performance, brightness and image quality that is unsurpassed in its class. Packing a wide range of power and flexibility in a compact, robust package, the Roadster HD18K features 18,000 lumens, 2,000:1 full field contrast ratio for crisp, detailed images, and a Xenon lamp system to accurately color-match images. Designed for the rigors of rental/staging, post-production, broadcasting and houses of worship, the Roadster HD18K offers built-in edge-blending, two HD input channels capable of up to 4:4:4 signals, digital black level adjustment and DMX 512 communication capabilities.

The Roadster HD18K also includes seamless switching, Picture-in-Picture, Christie LiteLOC which enables constant screen brightness, and Christie ILS (Intelligent Lens System) for zoom and focus. A built-in RJ-45 LAN port utilizes ChristieNET, a networking solution for remote monitoring and control of projectors.

For complete installation flexibility, the Roadster HD18K is available with a host of optional accessories, including stacking cage or handles, a full suite of HD specific lenses, and a host of input modules.

Highest Quality Projection

With renowned DLP quality, Xenon illumination and the highest contrast available, there is no better HD picture. The Roadster HD18K offers the highest brightness and excellent color and brightness unformity in a low maintenance product.

Proprietary 10-bit image processing offers high bandwidth signal processing for increased functionality, improved video performance and better color reproduction.

With 4:4:4 full bandwidth capabilities there is no compression of the color signal, no possible degradation.

Digital Black Level Adjustment provides finite digital adjustment of black levels for completely seamless blended images.

Xenon illumination provides the best spectral color and the most natural, consistent color and brightness uniformity. With 3.0kW of power, the Roadster HD18K features a user-replaceable, pre-aligned Xenon lamp module with adjustable lamp power for lower brightness. The stable color temperature over the course of the lamp life (750 Hours) and the power range provides the best lamp technology for color matching across multiple screens.

Christie Digital Roadster HD18K

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