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Digidesign Venue Profile System:


What's Included

(1) Venue Profile System
(1) Stage rack (48 MIc/Line analogue inputs + 24 line analogue outputs) 
(3) DSP cards
(1) Venue Pack4 plug-ins pack 


1. Headphone 1/8 inch, pushed inside of the console. 

2. USB Keyboard Console port a little loose


*This console was previously used in a church setting hosting live concerts, corporate events, and live performances. Its in great condition!


Profile Console Control Features

  • 24 bankable input channel strips, each with a touch-sen- sitive fader, one multi-purpose assignable rotary encoder, solo, mute and select controls

  • Built-In High-Pass Filter, Dynamics and EQ processors on each input channel strip

  • Level meters on each input channel strip

  • Assignable Channel section with dedicated Bus Assign, Aux Send, Direct Output, EQ and Dynamics controls.

  • 8 multi-purpose Output faders strips, each with a touch-sensitive fader, one multi-purpose encoder, solo, mute and select controls

  • 1 Mains fader

  • Up to 24 31-band Graphic EQs available for Outputs

  • Main Busses configurable as Left–Center–Right or


Console I/O

• Talkback mic input, with gain and phantom power • Headphone output
• USB inputs for keyboard, mouse/trackball, iLok USB

Smart Keys, and USB storage devices
• VGA monitor output for software screen display
• GPI ports (DB-25) providing 8 GPI inputs and 8 GPI out-


Digidesign Venue Profile System

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