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Elements KR25


- 2012 Year of Manufacture

- Good Condition


- Powercon Edison




The Krypton 25 (Kr 25) is a handy medium for the lighting industry. It establishes a new type of lighting system with its pre-set, integral programs or the independent modular option. 25-channel pixel mapping of the 25 Par30 75 watt Halogen Lamps grant you complete control with full dimming abilities. The 4 DMX modes let you operate the Kr 25’s lamps and macros separately, while the built-in macros will impress your audience. You can have complete control of the macros and lamps independently by using a total of 29 channels. The Kr 25 boasts the exclusive feature of placing the digital and led display on the rear. This digital display allows for easier addressing and includes an LED map indicating each of the lamps on the front by lighting up when turned on.

Elements KR25

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