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KILO - Low Frequency Extension KILO is the Low Frequency extension of the KIVA line source array system. Operating from 50 Hz the cabinet features a single 12’’ neodymium driver in a dual-chamber bassreflex tuned enclosure. The KILO enclosure generates an omni-directional coverage pattern. The addition of KILO elements within the line source array progressively polarizes the vertical coverage towards the front of the system (the horizontal directivity also increases due to natural dipole effects). A 3-point captive rigging system allows flying up to 12 KIVA and 4 KILO with interelement angles from 0° to 15° in accordance with the manufacturer’s recommendations. Being entirely compatible with KIVA the line source can be built with a combination of both cabinets using the same rigging components. The KILO enclosure is driven by the dedicated L-ACOUSTICS® LA4 amplified controller. The performance of a combined KIVA/KILO system depends upon the choice of preset and physical system configuration.


Features :


  • Extends the KIVA LF bandwidth for music applications
  • LF contour reinforcement for rock material with SB118
  • Power/size/weight ratio optimized for discrete integration
  • Rigging entirely captive and fully compatible with KIVA
  • Drive and protection with LA4 amplified controller




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