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Meyer Sound Leopard Package


  • (12) Leopards
  • (06) 900LFC
  • Galileo Rack
  • Cabling and Cases





Say hello to LEOPARD, the most lightweight, versatile line array in its class. LEOPARD faithfully reproduces sound with unsurpassed depth and clarity in a broad scope of installed and touring applications. In Meyer Sound tradition, LEOPARD delivers exceptional phase coherence, consistent coverage, extremely low distortion, and unrivaled power-to-size performance.



With its industry-leading power-to-size ratio, LEOPARD delivers big-system sound in a deceptively lightweight, narrow-profile loudspeaker that outperforms larger boxes above its class. Experience the sonic impact and consistent front-to-back coverage you’d expect from bulkier systems, thanks to long-excursion drivers that move more air. LEOPARD’s narrow profile and light weight make it an ideal choice for touring applications and installations where scalability, sightlines and ease of rigging are critical



When it comes to versatility, LEOPARD checks all the boxes: clarity, coverage, power-to-size, and ease of use. Combine the original LEOPARD with the long-throw, tight-focus LEOPARD-M80, the 900‑LFC Compact Low-Frequency Element, and the Galileo GALAXY processor, and you have the building blocks of scalable systems that’ll cover any application from a few hundred seats to several thousands. From fills to delays to full systems, from houses of worship to concert halls, theatres, convention centers, and festivals, LEOPARD handles it all

Meyer Sound Leopard Package

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