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Robe RoboSpot BaseStation SET


  • Single Top Loader Case
  • Tripod
  • Adapter
  • Spigot
  • Motion Camera




With the RoboSpot follow spot system it is no longer necessary to send operators into the rafters of venues to operate heavy and cumbersome traditional follow spot fixtures that take up valuable space in the world’s live entertainment venues. Operators can now safely control multiple fixtures such as the BMFL range of products (exc. BMFL Wash), iESPRITE, ESPRITE, ESPRITE FS, iFORTE, iFORTE FS, iFORTE LTX, iFORTE LTX FS, FORTE, FORTE FS, T1 Profile, T1 Profile FS, T2 Profile, T2 Profile FS, DL7S, DL4S, iSpiider, iPointe65, iPointe, MegaPointe, Pointe, iPAINTE, PAINTE, PAINTE Spot, SPOTE, CUETE, ProMotion, Viva CMY, SilverScan, Tarrantula, Spiider, LEDBeam 150, LEDBeam 350, iBeam 350, MMX WashBeam and MMX Blade from any location within the venue, reducing set-up times and operating costs.


The Robe RoboSpot system features a BaseStation with a large 15.6-inch HD touch screen for the operator to observe the performance from a “first person” viewpoint and a full range of hand controls for operating the fixtures such as pan, tilt, intensity, focus, faders and many others, all of which are fully customisable for the operator’s benefit. The screen receives the live video feed from the RoboSpot MotionCamera or from the fixture-mounted RoboSpot camera and the operator’s commands are instantly transferred to the luminaires via DMX control with no lag for perfect motion tracking across the stage.


Extra controls are available through the touch screen display as well as four programmable jog-wheels with an additional 10 fully configurable buttons for a truly customised user experience. The remote lighting desk still retains control of the internal features of the fixtures such as light intensity and colour. All these features combine to make RoboSpot an innovative follow spot system.


Robe RoboSpot BaseStation SET

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