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Solid State Logic L-550


  • (02) Stagerack ML32.32
  • (01) Blacklight II / Madi Concentrator
  • (02) Fiber Optic cables 150 mts
  • (01) Flight case for the console
  • (01) Flight case for the Blacklight II / Madi Concentrator and both ML32.32 Stageracks
  • (01) Flight case for both fiber optic cables




The Solid State Logic L550 Digital Mixing Console is a highly advanced and versatile audio console used in various settings, such as live sound and studio recording. It offers exceptional sound quality and a wide range of features, including stem mixing, multi-track recording, and analog summing. The console has received positive reviews from industry professionals, with FOH engineer Mark Kennedy stating that it's the best-sounding console in the world.


The L550 has been used in several high-profile events, such as Céline Dion's Courage World Tour and The Freedom Experience concert featuring top worship artists. It has also been praised for its transparency and depth in the stereo bus, making it a popular choice among audio engineers.


Solid State Logic L-550

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