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Turbosound Monitor System


  • (16) TFM-420 Wedges
  • (2) Amprack (4x Lab Gruppen PLM 10000Q)
  • Flight Cases Included




The TFM-420 is a high performance professional bi-amped floor monitor consisting of a custom designed 4” voice coil neodymium 12” low frequency driver, and a high power 1.4” diaphragm neodymium high frequency compression driver on a custom 40° x 60° waveguide in a compact vented enclosure.

The drive units are mounted side by side on a 37° baffle, producing a small footprint which results in a highly efficient wedge monitor package, ideal for use wherever high SPL and exceptional intelligibility is required. A low box profile is maintained, thereby improving sightlines, by mounting the HF horn alongside, rather than on top of, the low frequency driver. The HF horn pattern is designed to give very even coverage both close to, and standing back from, the monitor while at the same time minimising sound spillage into adjacent microphones. As a result theTFM-420 offers impressive feedback rejection, developing high sound pressure levels without the need for excessive equalisation.TheTFM-420 has been designed as a symmetrical mirror-image monitor, allowing multiple units to be used with one monitor inverted to form left and right pairs.The included pole mount socket also allows theTFM-420 to be used vertically as a front of house loudspeaker.

Turbosound Monitor System

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