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Turn Key Electro Voice Xline Advance System


  • (12) X2-212/120 
  • (18) X12-128 Subs
  • (3) Dynacord TGX20-SR touring amp racks
  • (1) MXE5 driverack matrix system
  • NL8 Cables, Carts, Covers



The X2-212/120 from Electro-Voice is a two-way vertical line array loudspeaker that can be used in a wide variety of applications where wide bandwidth, vertical and horizontal directivity control, and high efficiency are required in a compact cost-effective package.


The high frequency section of the X2-212/120 utilizes two (2) ND6A high-output large format 3-inch titanium compression drivers directly coupled to a pair of PDH Plane Wave Generators on a 120° waveguide optimized for uniform pattern control and smooth, linear response.


The low frequency section utilizes a DVN3125 12-inch neodymium woofer which was developed using Finite Element Analysis to optimize motor, suspension, and electrical design for very low distortion, high efficiency, and maximum intelligibility at high SPL. The MBH effectively emulates the acoustic behavior of a double line of four (4) 3-inch point sources to deliver superior mid-band coupling while maintaining the efficiency, power, and bandwidth of a 12-inch transducer.


The Bi-amp only X2-212/120 requires proprietary Electro-Voice FIR-Drive. Electro-Voice FIR-Drive is the combination of brick wall crossovers, phase correction, FIR EQ, peak anticipation limiter and Thermal Limiter. These technologies yield superior, nearly inaudible transducer protection with linear summation, smooth off-axis response, and unparalleled acoustical performance over the critical vocal and instrument range regardless of array size


Turn Key Electro Voice Xline Advance System

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