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D&B Audiotechnik V Series Package


  • 30x V8 (Z0515)
  • 4x V12 (Z0516)
  • 8x V-GSub (Z0519)
  • 4x Flying Frame (Z5338) (with 2x Amptown flightcase)
  • 2x Flying Frame for 4x V8/V12 (Z5385)
  • 4x V-stack adapter (Z5386)
  • 7x Touring cart for 4x d&b V (E7463)
  • 1x Touring cart for 8x d&b V (E7464)




The 3-way passive V-Series comprises both line array and point source systems for medium to large scale sound reinforcement applications, with complete efficiency and broadband directivity control to low frequencies. The 3-way passive V8 and V12 line array loudspeakers provide 80° and 120° horizontal dispersion respectively maintained down to 250 Hz. Also driven by a single amplifier channel, the cardioid V-SUB provides an impressive rejection of energy towards the rear of the cabinet and can be flown at the top of a V-Series array, as all arrayable V-Series cabinets feature an integral three point rigging system. Furthermore, the V-Series is the ideal companion for J-Series and Y-Series systems. Mirroring the same 3-way passive design are the V7P and V10P point source loudspeakers, housing two 10” low frequency drivers, a central 8” MF driver that is mounted onto a unique dual channel mid range horn that produces remarkable sensitivity especially in the vocal range. The coaxially mounted 1.4” exit compression driver is combined with a rotatable HF horn. Both the flyable V-SUB and the ground stacked V-GSUB are cardioid subwoofers which greatly reduce the excitation of the reverberant field at low frequencies. This new breed of point source loudspeaker is a single box solution, ideal for any application where sightlines, weight or amplifier channel requirements dictate that a small line array isn’t appropriate. All V-Series loudspeakers are available as Vi variants for integration within permanent installations, differing from the mobile V-Series in cabinet construction and mounting hardware. To protect all of this, the Vi cabinets are coated with an impact resistant paint finish, with special colour matching and a Weather Resistant option available as needed. However, it isn’t the finish, exceptional directivity control or remarkable low weight that sets the Vi loudspeakers apart from the crowd, the advantage comes from outstanding headroom, extraordinary power capacity, dynamic bandwidth and an extensive range of accessories.

V Series Package

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